What People Say

See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.

"We feel so lucky to have had you as Charlie's Music Together® teacher these past two years. He loves music and frequently sings made up songs while he is playing. "Hello Everybody" is still a bed time favorite."

Kathy Rosemond

We have truly enjoyed the class and think you are just a wonderful person to get the kids excited to enjoy the music, the instruments and just allowing their bodies to “go with the flow”.

Heather Craigen

The actual time spent in Music Together with my child (later: children) was special time to cuddle, sing and dance with each other. No devices, no chores, no other people to get in the way at least once a week. Even when I arrived exhausted, I left energized and nourished especially by watching other parents and their children play and enjoy the music too. Music Together was the definition of "uplifting" so we played the music in the car and at home (especially during the "witching hour"). Unlike some other children's music, my husband and I found the tunes and lyrics compelling and culturally-enriching; we learned the songs with smiles on our faces. We considered ourselves "non musical" people before spening 7 years and raising a couple of kids on Music Together. Now my children play instruments and create their own songs to sing to us. I am grateful for Music Together of Steamboat for  bringing a whole new, delicious dimension to parenting and growing-up kids we would have missed out on without this program.

Marianne and Jimmy Capra

Music Togther was absolutely formative in my son's life. He is now a 10 year old ukulele and guitar player, and singer who has performed dozens of times - sometimes with adult bands. When asked how he got started I always tell people the same thing ......... Music Together! I cannot say enough about this program. I started my son as a baby and we participated until he started kindergarten. The rhythms, the melodies, the patterns, the modeling: it is not a program to soley entertain children, (although the mama- child bonding and the laughing and dancing together was always my favorite part), it is professionals teaching complex music ideas to children in ways that are fun, and exciting, and completely accessible to their minds and whole bodies. Amazing, attentive, loving teachers .......... thank you Music Together!

Sally Kavanagh